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Hippo all day menu. Please advise your server of any allergies! We make every attempt to ensure a low allergen environment. We cannot guarantee against cross contamination.

Eggs Your Way
Poached / Fried / Scrambled on Sourdough
ADD Bacon / Smashed Mushroom 6
ADD Roasted Tomato / Avocado 5
Puffed Quinoa, Nuts, Coconut Crumble, Seasonal Fruits, Berry Compote.
Chia Seeds & Coconut Yoghurt
Mt.Black (VG GF)
Sticky black rice. Seasonal Fruits. Ground Nuts. Freeze Dried Plum.
Black Sesame Seeds. Coconut Cream. Wheat Germ. Puffed Spelt
Blue Bay Smoothie Bowl (VG GF DF)
Banana, Avocado. Blueberry. Black Rice. Blue Spirulina. Hemp Seeds.
Almond Butter. Chia Seeds & Oat milk
Hippo Beney
Rosti. Crispy Kale. Poached Eggs & Sumac Hollandaise
- Cured Salmon 24
- Bacon 22
- Mushrrom 21
Smashed A.P (Opt: GF DF)
Sourdough. Avocado. Pumpkin. Mint. Lime. Whipped chive feta. Tomato. Dukkah. Yuzu vinaigrette & Herbs.
Frech Omelette (GF)
- Bacon & Pancetta 23
Prosciutto & cheese
- Hot Smoked Salmon 24
Salmon Floss. Seaweed Shred & Whipped Dill Cream Cheese
- Garlic Mushrooms (V) 21
Basil pesto & Lotus
All served with Turkish Bread & Salad
Full moon hot cake (V)
Chocolate Hazelnut Filling, Blueberry Thyme Puree. Seasonal Fruits & Raspberry Parfait
Brioche Bun. Miso Scrambled Eggs. Thick Cut Bacon. Cheesy Sausage.
Rosti. Cheddar Cheese. Wasabi Mayo & Deep Fried Shallots
Brioche Bread. Dijon Sauce. Ham. Chrorizo. Bacon. Taro chips.
Prosciutto. Spring Onion & Fried egg
Ube Waffle. Ube White Chocolate Sauce. Black Seasame Ice Cream.
Seasonal Fruits & Waffle Cone
Rainbowl (VG GF Opt: DF)
Quinoa. Halloumi. Coleslow. Yuzu Dressing & Poached Eggs
ADD Grilled Chicken 7
ADD Hot Smoked Salmon 7
French Toasant (V)
Croissant, Seasonal Fruits. Strawberry & Mint Coulis. Marscapone.
Candied Pecan & Pistachio Tuile
ADD Bacon 6
HIPPO Burger
- Beef 25
Steamed Charcoal bun. Lettuce. Tomato. Cheese. Apricot jalapeno jam &
Polenta chips
- Butter Milk Chicken 25
Coleslow. HIPPO Pickles. Spicy aioli & Kumara Finger Chips 25
Green “Lake” Baked Egg (DF Opt: GF)
Scallops. Leek. Cauliflower. Roasted Garlic. Basil Oil & Ciabbata
V.Stack (V GF Opt: DF)
Rosti. Eggplant. Portobello Mushroom. Capsicum. Lotus.Poached Egg & Salsa Verde

Add On

Hot Cured Salmon
Curly Fries


V – Vegetarian
VG – Vegan
GF – Gluten Free
DF Dairy Free

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